Sales Engineer / Program Management

Company Name:
Viscotect Automotive Products, LLC
This position is responsible for coordinating and overseeing all program management activities throughout the total product life cycle.
Sales, development and technical contact for designated customers.
Coordinates and oversees new product launch/APQP process. Serves as team leader for new product launch team.
Coordinates and oversees PPAP process. Communicates requirements to responsible departments and assists as may be needed. Assembles the package and verifies that all necessary documentation is included to insure timely, accurate and compliant submission.
Plans, organizes and submits technical documentation as necessary.
Communicates sample order requirements to product development groups as necessary. Assists with creating a shipping plan to insure on-time delivery.
Confirms that Purchase Orders from customers comply with the terms of sale as stated on the price quotation.
Signs and approves Purchase Order Sign Off Sheet
Assists Sales Manager with sales and production forecasting. Obtains car build numbers, product applications, and usages per vehicle.
Assists Sales Manager with handling commercial issues as requested (costing, pricing, obsolescence, etc.)
Liaison with Corporate Sales, Marketing and Development personnel and West Coast Design office as needed.
Visit with customers or sub-suppliers as may be required.
Any other duty or task as may be requested by immediate supervisor.
Four year degree in Textiles or related field or 4-6 years program management or textile manufacturing experience
Two year minimum of new product contact with manufacturing management and customers preferred.
Demonstrated proficiency in MS Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Strong verbal/written communication skills
Strong analysis/problem solving skills
Strong organizational and team leadership skills.

Don't Be Fooled

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